Charla del ciclo de Seminarios en Recursos y Medio Ambiente Hídrico

Les invitamos cordialmente a la próxima charla del ciclo de Seminarios en Recursos y Medio Ambiente Hídrico del Departamento de Ingeniería Civil de la Universidad de Chile. La charla tendrá modalidad online y podrá verse a través de nuestro canal de Youtube.


We kindly invite you to join us in the upcoming Water Resources and Environment Webinar, at the Department of Civil Engineering, Universidad de Chile. The webinar will be online and broadcasted via Youtube.

We would appreciate it if you share this information with interested folks. 

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Canal de Youtube / Youtube channel:


Professor Vervoort will provide an overview of his current research focussed on improving simulation models to account for land use and climate changes. The outcomes of his research aim to provide improved policy and management decisions for sustainable water management.


Willem Vervoort is a Professor in Hydrology and Catchment Management and Director of the ARC Training Centre in Data Analytics for Resources and Environments (DARE) at the University of Sydney. He has a Ph.D. in field hydrology from the University of Georgia in the US and an Agricultural Engineering undergraduate degree from Wageningen University in Soil Conservation. Professor Willem is the leading hydrologist at the University of Sydney and an expert in quantitative Hydrology and Catchment Management. His main research focus is the development of sustainable water management in relation to a varying climate leveraging a long association with agricultural research and agricultural production.